However, adding wind power to an off-grid system can really help reduce generator run time.  Capturing the power delivered by wind, especially at times when the sun may not be available, gives homeowners an additional resource for powering their home that does not involve the use of fossil fuels.

Similar to grid-tied solar, grid-tied wind power allows for the production of electricity with the ability to sell excess to the utility and to use the utility as a back up for days when the wind is not blowing.  Wind towers can be anything from a large tower with spinning blades to a small, elegantly designed art piece.

The technology behind wind turbines has not changed in the same way that solar technologies have during the last few years.  There have been innovations in the design of the turbine itself, with companies trying to make the turbine a much more attractive piece and get away from the design of three large blades going in circles. 

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Most wind turbines are made for low elevation, mostly flat areas.  Placing them in the Rockies causes them to fail.  If a wind turbine is appropriate for your location, with consistent wind and not large gusts, we can assist with designing and purchasing a turbine that is specifically made to handle the high alpine environment of the Colorado Rockies. 

Off-Grid Wind

Unfortunately, many of these designs are not being mass produced at this time, so the pricing on them can be prohibitive.  Innovative Energy is committed to designing systems that work for our customers, however, we will gladly do research and get pricing for a turbine that works for your budget as well as for your design desires.

Wind Power Energy options are highly dependent on your location.


Energy Storage

Using wind power to directly power an electrical load can be troublesome.  Anyone who has stood outside while the wind gusts and swirls around them knows that it may not be consistent and can change directions a lot.  This does not work well with turbines.  Therefore, use of a battery storage system will allow the turbine to 

Off-grid wind power is advisable if the site has an adequate wind source.  Wind sources should be consistent and not gusty.  Using wind as a backup resource for photovoltaic array makes good sense for the off-grid customer.  Reliability for most wind turbines in our environment may be a problem, as most turbines are made for much milder conditions. 

Grid-Tied Wind

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produce wind when the appropriate velocity and direction are available, and store it for use in the home when it is needed.