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Solar Energy for all

Innovative Energy believes that all users of electricity should have the ability to run their home with solar energy, Either directly from their own array or indirectly via local solar gardens. 

Innovative Energy will help you use all of the renewable energy available
We provide systems that can use solar, wind, batteries and generators to ensure that you are able to live your life the way you want with limited use of fossil fuels.  

Batteries should be used to assist
The installation of batteries in a system should be done in a manner that will provide the power that a home needs, without incurring more expense than is necessary.

Brighten your life and lower your monthly utility bills with solar power energy from the high country's experts in solar installation.

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Wind turbines should be installed where practical  
Not all locations can produce power from the wind that they receive.  Innovative Energy can help you assess the potential for your home site.


Innovative Energy



We recognize that generators may be a necessary part of your system
We would love to have every system stand alone with out a generator, but we understand that this is not always practical in our mountain environment.



Read below to find out about our personal philosophies when it comes to the various types of green energy available today.

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