Many Renewable Energy systems come with some type of internet monitoring available, making the production and performance information only a few clicks away.   We can assist with setting up system monitoring, and will even keep an eye on your system for you to help ensure that it is operating correctly and producing the most power for you. 

What can we do for you?

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Legal Reports

With the amount of experience we have in installing and maintaining renewable energy systems in our mountain communities, we can give you a solid estimate for what your system is worth. 

Whether your system is damaged by a hail event, a tornado, a fall of rock from a nearby dynamite explosion,  or a softball hit on your roof, we are here to assist.  Wind turbines never seem to stop working due to issues at the base of them, and we have the knowledge and equipment needed to lower them and repair them.    Our technicians travel with well-stocked vans to minimize your down time and get your system back to producing the power you need and want.

Estimating Values


Many of our customers find that over time, their energy requirements increase.  Starting a family, adding on to their home, or simply putting in a hot tub can have a big impact on your electric consumption.  Innovative Energy is here to assist you with ways to improve your system to meet those needs.

project, are considering the pro’s and con’s, or just need some help we can be here for you.  It is in our interest to make sure all systems work as intended.  Contact us and we will tell you how to get started.

Home Inspections

Improvements in panel sizes and efficiency, as well as changes to battery storage systems have made it possible to improve the production available from your system without having to change the size of its footprint.   Whereas large panels used to be rated at 170 watts, we are now seeing them at up to 375 watts in a similar space.  Batteries as well are an ever changing product, and storage for a rainy day is greatly improved.

Since 1992 we have seen and installed many types of Renewable Energy systems.  We can generally diagnose the issue and fix the problem on site.  In the rare case where you own a product we are not familiar with, we will do the research and assist you in figuring it out.   We keep parts in stock for most repairs, and have an extensive network of suppliers to get those pats that we don't have. 


Purchasing a home that has solar or wind on it?  Or just need to know what the system you own needs?   We can evaluate it and let you know what issues you may have now, and what you might expect to see in the near future.




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With over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential Renewable Energy system design, sales and installation, Innovative Energy offers a wide variety of consulting services.  We can help you gather information and answer many, if not all, of your renewable energy questions. Whether you are looking for financial decision assistance, are not sure where to start your renewable energy

If you are a second homeowner, or are simply not prepared to do the maintenance (little as it may be) that a solar or wind system requires, Innovative Energy has you covered.  We provide services ranging from an annual inspection to tighten bolts and wire connections, to quarterly battery inspections and water filling.   We are happy to provide these services on either a contract or an on-call basis.


Innovative Energy can assist if you need an official report regarding the solar, wind or battery installation on your property.