Although Holy Cross Energy does not have any specific payback for installations of renewable power, they do offer net metering to their customers.  They also offer a custom rebate, subject to fund availability, that customers can apply for.  For more information, please visit their website

There are several ways to receive credits or payments for going green.  Individuals that pay federal income taxes currently receive the best incentive, but local utilities also have paybacks as do some municipalities.

Learn about how you can become a part of an incentivized program for solar panels on YOUR home!

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Click HERE to visit the  Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy.

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The Intermountain Rural Electric Association, or IREA,  also offers net metering for solar and wind power systems installed by their customers.   Please see their website for additional information.

Incentives for LivingGreen

Local Incentives


Many towns and counties offer incentives ranging from waiving permit and inspection fees to allocating "points" for renewable energy additions.  A number of locations do not charge sales or use tax on renewable components.  Visit your governing body's website to find your local incentives.

Currently, the Federal Government offers a 30 percent tax credit for renewable energy installations.  This is a credit, not a deduction, on your federal income tax.

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Federal and State Incentives

Recieve monthly payments for the surplus energy that your panels create, but more importantly you can use the grid to store your excess production until you need it.

Mountain Parks Electric, Inc. offers net metering for renewable energy production as well as a local rebate of up to $2,000.  Please see their website here for more information about this program.