Incentives for Solar and Wind Energy


Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards Program

This program is available to customers of Xcel Energy in Colorado and allows a production credit for installing a PV system at your home or business.  The production incentives are tiered and are active for the first 10 years of an installed system.  Contact us for current program details. 


Holy Cross Energy's WE CARE Program

Holy Cross also offers cash back for installing PV, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal or Hydroelectric systems in Colorado. We can handle all application requirements.   The WE CARE rebate may not be applied to projects that are under an Eco Build mandate.  

Please visit the website to learn more or contact us about incentives in your area- HOLY CROSS WE CARE 


Federal Tax Credit for Solar and Wind

Residential Tax Credit:

An individual can claim tax credits on 30% of spending on qualified solar and wind properties after rebates. Individual Taxpayers can use the credit to offset alternative minimum tax liability, and to carry unused credits forward to the next succeeding taxable year. 

Commercial Tax Credit:

A business can claim a 30% Income Tax Credit for solar and wind energy property (30% of the full cost of the system if taxes are paid on all rebates) with no cap. The five-year accelerated depreciation allowance is also applicable.


Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

This website details all programs statewide that offer incentives for installing certain renewable energy systems and making energy conserving changes.  Visit the website here - COLORADO


Use the 12 Month Deferred Payment and Dont Pay In Full Until After Your Tax Credit 





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