Match Your Off Grid Power Needs to Your Living Standards


An "Off-Grid" power system is a self-sufficient means by which electricity is created by solar panels, stored with batteries, and delivered with an inverter.  An off-grid system needs to be designed to meet the specific energy load requirement you desire based on your living standards.  In most cases, that energy demand will increase over time, and for that reason we design our systems for expansion and future additions.


Examples of Off-Grid Possibilities  

  • Expandable -  Do want to start small? A water pump is a great example of a small off grid system. If you need a water pump to constantly pump for whatever reason, call us to install a solar or wind generator connected to a battery backup system.  

  • Match your off grid power needs - Do you have a more complex system in mind? For example, you might want to run multiple components on your property a TV, a refrigerator, etc. A system like this would be more complex and require more components.


Off Grid Battery Bank and Inverter system     Outback Power Off Grid Inverter System


  • Think about reliability - For homes with many loads or large lighting systems, more equipment will be needed to operate efficiently.  This may include a large solar panel array or multiple wind turbines, metering and controls, a robust inverter system, and, most importantly, a properly sized battery bank. 

  • Think about heating -  For heating, Innovative Energy suggests other means of energy rather than using PV to run electric heat. Electric heating systems can drain your off grid system much faster and is one of the least efficient means of heating.  We suggest using a wood burning stove, a propane tank, natural gas, or solar thermal for your heating needs.


 Contact an Innovative Energy off grid specialists for your design and turnkey install needs.  We have over 20 years experiance in design, installation, and service of off grid systems. 

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