Renewable Power for the Enlightened

Grid Tied Battery Backup

When the grid is running properly, your home or business will use power generated from your solar panels or pull electricity from the grid. Any excess power generated over and above your needs go back to your utility company for credits on your utility bill in areas where net-metering is available.

In the event of grid blackouts, these systems will switch to "off-grid mode" drawing power stored in your battery bank to power your home AND using your solar panels to recharge your battery bank.  If you are concerned about power outages for a considerable amount of time due to medical, financial or food storage this type of system will be a good fit for you.

Grid Tied

​Grid-tied solar electric systems generate electricity for your home or business.  If you are using electricity during the day you will directly use your electricity generated at that time.  If you are not using the electricity while the sun is shining during the day that electricity is routed back into the grid for compensation from the utility company.  Grid-tied solar PV systems do not provide electricity if there is an electrical outage.  The safety of electrical workers depends on being able to shut off the transmission lines.  If you are concerned with power outages, a grid-tied battery back-up system would be the option for you. 


An "Off-Grid" power system is a self-sufficient way by which electricity is created by solar panels, stored with batteries, and delivered with an inverter.  An off-grid system needs to be designed to meet the specific energy load requirement you desire based on your living standards.  In most cases, that energy demand will increase over time, and for that reason we design our systems for expansion and future additions.