Renewable Power for the Enlightened

about us

Innovative Energy brings you over 20 years of renewable energy design and installation experience in Colorado‚Äôs High Country. We work directly with you from site assessment, individualized system design, incentive and permit management, and throughout the life of the system to ensure optimal system performance and customer satisfaction.  With solar experience since 1992, Eric and his team of experienced staff have demonstrated superior customer service and high quality workmanship.    

We believe in the power of renewables and a cleaner energy future.  Local renewable energy generation will enable our communities to produce power locally and reduce the need for coal energy generation.  Transmission losses from moving power over long distances can be expensive.  We promote the use of local energy generation through on-site generation and solar gardens for better environmental quality locally and globally.  If you share our philosophy, want to save money on your electricity bills and promote renewable power give us a call!